The trends that are shaping the industry

In this guest blog pos  Matthew Poyiadgi, European VP, CompTIA, looks at the need for IT professionals to keep ahead of the curve by learning new skills.
One of the problems of training is keeping courses relevant in such a rapidly changing industry. I’ll come on to training for the future in the next blog. First, let’s look at some of the issues IT professionals will soon face, and which will be made all the more challenging without proper training.
It’s been said before, but cloud and tablets will change the way we work over the next few years. The success of tablets could spell also the end of flash; cloud could remove the need for an OS, and HTML5 could replace everything so we just stay connected to the Cloud using a browser device. Servers won’t disappear overnight so we will still need networking and computer skills, but they will no longer be a de facto part of IT. 
As people access company data from various locations and devices, security issues will change completely. Tablets can get infections from home networks, which can spread to the corporate network. Support for tablets’ closed hardware system is very different to PCs.
Increased connectivity raises an even more worrying question. If we carry on as we are, how long before our internet IT infrastructure crumbles under the weight of all our data? As more people move to the cloud we need to change our technology to cope with this increase, or failing that, change the way we use IT. 
These are just a few of the challenges for IT professionals of the near future, and should be high on the agenda for anyone making big purchasing decisions in coming years. We need to train for technology used now, but we also need to start training people who are ready for these problems.
The CompTIA EMEA Member Conference will include a session on technology trends that are shaping the IT industry.