The Institution of Engineering and Technology opens awards for nominations

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is on the hunt for individuals who are making advancements in science, engineering and technology for its annual IET Achievement Awards.

The organisation is calling for people to nominate colleagues who work in research and development or for their leadership of an enterprise.

Nominations need to demonstrate “exceptional engineering contribution in developing a product, service or process.”

Entries can be from those starting their careers through to established professionals. Winners receive a medal presented at a ceremony in November and some winners also receive prizes up to £500.

Barry Brooks, IET President said: “As one of the world’s largest professional bodies for engineers and technicians, we are looking forward to being inspired by engineers who are delivering the best in engineering excellence, recognising both developing talent and those at the pinnacle of their career.     

“To counter the risk of their great work going unnoticed, these awards put the spotlight on exceptional individuals who are contributing to the advancement of engineering.”

Last year’s winner of the IET’s most prestigious prize, the Faraday Medal, was Michael Pepper, the Pender Professor of Nanoelectronics at University College London. On his win last year he said: “I was greatly honoured by this award with its distinguished history. I feel that it shines a light on talent in the field of nanotechnology and I hope it goes on to encourage young people to begin their careers in engineering.”

There are four IET Medals and six IET Achievement Medals to be awarded in the following categories:

Faraday Medal

The most prestigious of the IET Achievement medals, awarded for notable scientific or industrial achievement globally, within engineering or for conspicuous service to the advancement of science, engineering and technology or for life-time achievement in science, engineering or technology.

Mountbatten Medal

Celebrating individuals who have made a significant contribution, to the promotion of either electronics or information technology and in the dissemination of the understanding of electronics and information technology to young people, or adults.

Mensforth Manufacturing Gold Medal

The Mensforth Manufacturing Gold Medal is awarded to candidates who have made major and distinguished contributions in the manufacturing sector, whether the advancement of manufacturing engineering technology or manufacturing management.

J J Thomson Medal for Electronics

The J J Thomson Medal is awarded to candidates who have made major and distinguished contributions in electronics.

IET Achievement Medals

Up to six IET Achievement Medals are awarded to individuals who have made major and distinguished contributions in the various sectors of engineering, technology or applied science. The judging panel will look for outstanding and sustained excellence in one or more activities, for example, research and development, innovation, design, manufacturing, technical management, promotion of engineering and technology.


IET Achievement Awards for Young Professionals

Sir Henry Royce Award

Awarded to an outstanding young engineering/IT professional who has excelled in the workplace within the last three years of their work in industry or for the profession.  

Mike Sargeant Award

Awarded to a young engineering or IT professional who is judged to have made the most significant progress in their career over more than three years.

Paul Fletcher Award

Awarded to an IET young professional volunteer for outstanding achievement in contributing to the activities of the IET.

The IET Achievement Awards are open for nominations until 30 May. More information about how to enter can be found here: