Opportunity to secure paid internships at Workshare through East London coding lessons

Workshare, Raspberry Pi in association with BCS The Chartered Institute of IT, and Tower Hamlets Integrated Youth and Community Services (IYCS) have joined forces to bring coding and an awareness of careers in IT to young people in East London.  


The scheme has been created to address the IT skills shortage and to encourage more young people to take an interest in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects.

Raspberry Pi Closeup

Raspberry Pi Closeup (Photo credit: GijsbertPeijs)


Employees from Workshare will use Raspberry Pi machines to teach 40 young people lessons in coding, over the course of five weeks. The lessons will be supported by youth workers from IYCS.

The lessons that will be taught have been developed by Workshare in conjunction with Dr. Andrew Robinson of Manchester University, and recruitment firm Resonate.


At the end of the five weeks students can enter their work into a competition, where the top three students will have the chance to secure paid internships at Workshare during the summer of 2014. To enter the competition students will need to develop their applications and present them to a panel of Workshare employees and other industry judges.


Anthony Foy, chief executive of Workshare, said: “As the IT skills shortage threatens to restrain UK’s economic recovery, the onus is on businesses to foster interest in IT and equip our young people with the technical knowledge they need for professional success.


“At Workshare, we take pride in our community and are committed to building a better future for the younger generation. Workshare is honoured to work closely with the Raspberry Pi Foundation to educate our local community about the benefits of working in technology.”


UK Commission for Employment and Skills research recently found one in five jobs in the UK are unfilled due to a skills shortage across all industries, including IT and computing.


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