IT Works: What the people in IT say

Today’s post is from Matthew Poyiadgi, European VP of CompTIA. Poyiadgi highlights two young people who have chosen careers in IT, speaking to them about what makes IT great.

I recently caught up with some people who got into IT through CompTIA certifications. Their careers speak volumes about the breadth of IT careers and the interesting jobs on offer.

One, Dujon Walsham, played a critical part in building up the IT infrastructure to capture programmes for ITV Player and now helps companies like eBay and British Airways adopt cloud computing systems. 

Another, Daniel O’Sullivan works for Venatrack, a company whose software tracks player movement in football matches and provides 3D digital playback for post-match analysis. On match day he supports clients using the software to make sure the system runs perfectly.

All of them were deeply enthusiastic about their careers. They work on many interesting projects using the latest technology and receive good salaries for their hard work.

One of the things that kept coming up was that, in addition to the technical side, IT can be one of the most sociable jobs around. Daniel put it well, saying “Everyone has a computer, so you have to deal with everyone from management to all the different departments, as well as with customers. It’s a great way to see how an organisation is run and a great job for meeting people from all walks of life.”

This is what IT is about. It’s about getting involved with exciting projects, building computers and networks, creatively designing solutions (whether software or hardware) and working with people to solve problems and make their lives easier. This is rewarding career, and it is unfairly portrayed by the ‘geek’ image. It’s time IT professionals started sharing their stories and showing the world what IT is really about.

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