Welcome to GreenTech


This Green IT blog has grown out of some work I’ve recently been doing in Reading, working with organisations such as C8 Consulting, Kyocera Mita, and the Henley Centre for Sustainable Enterprise at Henley Business School, around the ongoing development of deeper, faster sustainability efforts within organisations, moving beyond picking the low hanging fruit in terms of carbon reduction and sustainability to deliver longer-lasting, more structural and game-changing developments.

I’ll be tracking, for example, the growth of the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme, which although registration began in April, has got off to a slow start. Of the 5000 organisations expected to register, I heard last week at the Kyocera Mita Green Card Conference that current registration numbers for CRC are only  around a tenth of those expected. And the clock is ticking.

At the same conference, which featured presentations by 10:10, insurance group RSA, Capgemini, Greenbang and Reading Borough Council’s LoCUS project, I also heard a whisper that we can expect government to give carbon reporting more teeth by ratcheting up reporting through the Companies Act.

Watch this space for more insight, putting Green IT, sustainability and lean thinking into context.