The surprising Chinese view on sustainability

I was interested in this blog post by Andrew Winston on the view towards sustainability in China.

On a business visit to Beijing last week to discuss climate change issues, Winston says he was struck by the focus on green issues in China.

He says, “Each morning at my hotel I received the China Daily, the country’s main English-language newspaper. Throughout the news and business coverage, the feeling that sustainability is crucial to the future of the country and its industries is palpable.

Out of 20 feature articles in the business section on November 15th, for example, five were all about the glories (and sometimes challenges) of green. Clearly this is anecdotal evidence, but it demonstrates a level of conversation that the rest of the world should take note of.”

And sure enough, if you check out today’s business section of the China Daily, there are a range of green stories, including one about a green tax.