The ongoing reaction to 10:10's Climate Change movie

The UK Director of 10:10 has posted a statement on the organisation’s website apologising for the ‘mistake’ the organisation says it’s made.

It’s a contrite statement, with a clear message to its corporate sponsors, delivery partners and board members, who the organisation admits ‘have been implicated in this situation despite having no involvement in the film’s production or release.’

Those include the copy, document and print specialist Kyocera Mita which has been a strong supporter of 10:10’s activities and which itself is very much a thought leader in the drive to reduce carbon emissions.

It’s Director of Brand and Reputation Tracey Rawling Church said, “Kyocera Mita UK has supported the 10:10 campaign because we share its ambition to reduce carbon emissions. However, we don’t support the “No Pressure” video and are dismayed by the suggestion that we might have been knowing partners in its production; in fact, we had no knowledge of its content until it appeared online. We consider that 10:10 made a serious error of judgement in its choice of creative approach, which is totally at odds with the inclusive and positive attitude that has been the hallmark of its other activities. We understand that 10:10 has acknowledged its mistake, withdrawn the video and issued an apology. Kyocera is taking this issue extremely seriously. A formal statement will be issued in due course.”