Putting the onus on green technologies to deliver green jobs

I heard David Cameron speaking this morning to the CBI, saying that he

wants to tap into green technologies. He also mentioned finding  £1bn

for carbon capture and storage and £200m for low carbon technology

and announced £60m to help with infrastructure for offshore wind

infrastructure. The goal, it appears, is to create 70,000 jobs, which is fine

and may be part of the much-discussed plan for the private sector to

 create the jobs to cover for those being lost in the public sector.


“We need thousands of offshore turbines in the next decade and

beyond, each one as tall as the Gherkin,” he said.

“And manufacturing these needs large factories which have to be on

the coast.

“Yet neither the factories nor these large port sites currently exist

and that, understandably, is putting off private investors.

“So we’re stepping in. To help secure private sector investment in

this technology, we are providing up to £60 million to meet the needs of

offshore wind infrastructure at our ports.”


The Crown Estate would also work with ports and manufacturers to

“realise the potential” of its sites.

I like the intention but it still all sounds pretty aspirational and ‘conference-speak’,

and I’m just not sure yet that it’s going to be quite so easy to link the

theory behind the potential of ‘green technologies’ with the practical creation

of tens of thousands of jobs. It’ll be interesting to see what progress has actually been made on this in a year’s time.

Nick Clegg, however, is talking up the potential.