New skills needed to deliver Green IT, says BCS

The BCS suggests that IT professionals need to gain new skills to ensure IT can deliver solutions that businesses need to reduce their carbon emissions and meet growing legislation.

So it has launched a new intermediate certificate in Energy and Cost Management for Data Centres. This launch also coincides with an update of its intermediate certificate in the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres.

The new certificate will provide candidates with the knowledge and understanding in:

•why managing data centre energy and cost is important

•what energy and cost management in the data centre involves

•predicting and demonstrating appropriate management steps

•comparing and distinguishing between energy and cost management options

The certificate is aimed at data centre managers, operators, consultants and technicians, as well as business unit managers, IT purchasers, architects, solution consultants and CSR professionals.

Michiel van der Voort, Director International and Professional Development Services at the Institute explains: ‘As the Chartered Institute for IT, our aim is to enable the IT industry to become more energy efficient in itself by providing the IT profession with the knowledge and expertise it needs to lower carbon emissions and reduce the environmental impact of IT. There is no doubt that legislation is going to create demand for an IT professional with new skills, and generate new roles for example, we’re already seeing the emergence of new business roles, such as Sustainability Managers.’