Getting to grips with CRC's deadlines and the scheme's next steps

I recently received an email flyer for the Carbon Show later this year warning me that if my organisation is registered within the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme I will know the deadline for returning my’Footprint Report’ and ‘Annual Report’ is today, Friday 29 July.

The flyer asked: Will you meet the deadline? How easy have you found it to produce your organisation’s carbon footprint? How confident are you that your figures are accurate? Do you know the penalties for late submission?

I think for CRC, organisations will get used to be able to answer these questions, meet the requisite deadlines and build them into their working practices as time goes by. Although there has been much discussion about the future of CRC, there is little doubt that it is here to stay. We are at the end of the beginning, if you know what I mean.

If you’re still wondering where CRC will end up, some good sources of information are this Next Steps document, which outlines the current CRC state of play and gives extensive details of the recent consultation and future proposals, and the Cambium website which discusses the impact for both CRC’s participants and for suppliers of energy efficiency services.

By the way, with energy efficiency in mind, there is an article here on modular data centres