Delivering innovation in sustainability through cross-industry and supply-chain collaboration

I went to a very useful Guardian Sustainable Business Quarterly meeting in London last night which focused on the issue of collaboration and innovation, with a particular interest in cross-industry and supply chain collaboration.

The speakers, who were excellent, included: Jonathan Foot, chief environment officer, EDF Energy; Jo Fox, director, the bigger picture, Sky; Dax Lovegrove, head of business and industry, WWF-UK; and Miriam Turner, innovations director, InterfaceFLOR, all focusing on collaboration and innovation. 

We then split into different groups and had a roundtable discussion around sustainability communications, including the impact of social media, collaborating and innovating in the supply chain, and the role of technology in facilitating communications.

Many thanks to my colleagues around the table: Stuart Singleton-White from The Rainforest Alliance, Leigh O’Grady from The Carbon Trust, Toby Robins from Wiles Greenworld, Dr Magda Hercheui from the University of Westminster, Anne Ronan from Zinc, Robyn Kimber from Virgin, Nicole Lawler from Total  Eco Management and Petronella Tyson from the Guardian for an excellent and illuminating discussion.