CRC: Complicated Really Complicated - but here's some useful advice from Carbon Guerilla

I came across some advice on the Carbon Guerilla blog about managing the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Effficiency Scheme. You can view Carbon Guerilla here

Here are Carbon Guerrillas top 5 tips to do to beat the deadlines and fines:


1 – For registration, your 2008 data only needs to be 80% accurate.  This means you only need 9.6 months of good quality data which can be estimated and 2 actual bills in a 12 month period.

2 – If you don’t have 2008 data then use your 2009 data and approximate your usage at this stage. But aim to get the bills out of archive or from your supplier later.

3 – Concentrate on Registration and Data Collection – the Evidence Pack can wait and be done in October and November, you only need this for an EA Audit. We think they are going to be pretty busy during this time…

4 – Use the right value for Carbon. We have now processed Registrations covering over 1500 assets (building and processing sites) and reviewed 3rd party data. Some of the data is dodgy and are using the wrong metrics – this make a difference to the budget you may be preparing for next year.

5 – Engage the right director and staff members – they need to get accurate data to you quickly as well as authorising the cheque for allowances next year.

Interestingly, according to this Practical Sustainability blog from Paul Baier, Carbon Guerilla has a new chairman in SAP veteran Les Hayman.




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