Backlash forces pulling of 10:10's Climate Change movie

Perhaps that iconic Richard Curtis film should be renamed Four Weddings and a Climate Change film. Well, after the palaver over the weekend, Curtis’s latest offering as a writer has certainly raised eyebrows. It’s a film called No Pressure for campaign group 10:10 which aims to sign up individuals, schools, companies and other groups to commit to reducing their carbon use by 10%? The film though has been pulled from the 10:10 website because of complaints over its content.

Given the press coverage, and the fact that pretty quickly the movie was posted on YouTube, perhaps you could say the publicity’s done its job. On the other hand, the nature of the movie’s content has created a backlash with a number of critical comments.

10:10 has already apologised for the content.

Judge the film for yourself. Be warned, the content may shock.

And read this Observer story here.

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Have you had a look on 10:10 website? I did yesterday and they had over 700 very angry messages under their 'apology'. But then, I suppose you don't get what the film really revealed: That the underlying thinking among the green movement is comply or we will kill you. Starting from your children.
Defeated & Frustrated: Climate Activists Turn to Terror, Go Berserk You may think it innocuous but in future, with a membership with organizations like Greenpeace you may have to say practically goodbye to studying, immigrating or visiting the US simply because you could be in their terror database. With the US in the lead can other countries not but follow suit? Why? There are indications that the world might be finally losing its patience with the increasing trend of eco-terrorism that flows from the Greenpeace type model of protests. The tipping point apparently had been the twin events of the Discovery Channel hostage crisis in the US and Greenpeace’s unconstitutional assault on an oil rig in Greenland that had their respective governments fuming. A new report by terrorism researchers at the University of Maryland concludes that the deadly hostage-taking incident at the Discovery Communications headquarters in suburban Washington, D.C. meets the criteria of a terrorist act. And why this report is significant is that they happen to be the wing of Homeland Security Department of the US government. Read more: Defeated & Frustrated: Climate Activists Turn to Terror, Go Berserk
I believe firmly in free speech, the duty of citizens to question authority, and the right to hold opinions that diverge from the majority view. While I concede that other responses to this film are possible (I’ve read hundreds of reactions in the past 48 hours), from my perspective as a former vice president of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, this film treats the things I mention in the above paragraph with contempt. To me, this film says that those who question the prevailing orthodoxy deserve (should expect?) to be liquidated. If humanity didn’t have the deaths committed by Mao, Stalin & Hitler against people who were seen as threatening to the orthodoxy on its conscience I might be more less concerned about this film. But real people died. In the tens of millions. And if those deaths are not to be in vain, we can’t afford to be sanguine about the possibility of that sort of ugliness returning. More of my thoughts on this film are here: All the best.
Typical. Kill the ones who disagree with you. Yeah, this kind of professionally produced video tell us to gladly volunteer.