Backlash forces pulling of 10:10's Climate Change movie

Perhaps that iconic Richard Curtis film should be renamed Four Weddings and a Climate Change film. Well, after the palaver over the weekend, Curtis’s latest offering as a writer has certainly raised eyebrows. It’s a film called No Pressure for campaign group 10:10 which aims to sign up individuals, schools, companies and other groups to commit to reducing their carbon use by 10%? The film though has been pulled from the 10:10 website because of complaints over its content.

Given the press coverage, and the fact that pretty quickly the movie was posted on YouTube, perhaps you could say the publicity’s done its job. On the other hand, the nature of the movie’s content has created a backlash with a number of critical comments.

10:10 has already apologised for the content.

Judge the film for yourself. Be warned, the content may shock.

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