Young online gamblers are the new chimney sweeps

Downtime has had a great idea. You could call it a win, win if you like. News this week described how a youngster had run up a huge bill by using his parents’ iPad to play a game that is initially free but offers punters the chance to buy heavy weaponry to kill Zombies.

The youngster in question ran up a bill of £1,700, which his parents would have to pay. Well that would have been the case had the reputation conscious gaming companies had not let them off the hook.

Cue large exclamation mark!

Kids are pretty handy with touchpads. Get them on gambling sites. If you win, it’s happy times. If you lose get on the phone to local reporter with sob story and you get your money back.

If you prefer something a bit more mainstream you could even get them in the capital markets. Algorithmic trading for kids.