Would you rather dump your other half, or switch broadband provider?

Because apparently, 77% of Brits are more likely to dump their partner than their broadband provider. At least, this was the main finding of a survey of 2,000 UK consumers conducted by broadband comparison site Cable.co.uk.

Cable’s team of crack statisticians also found that 33% of the people they interviewed had only ever slept – so to speak – with one broadband provider, compared to just 14% who had only ever slept with one person.

While men and women were equally as unlikely to change their broadband provider, perhaps unsurprisingly the study showed that a lot more men were willing to admit to having switched multiple partners in search of a better deal – 17% of them said they had done this 10 or more times.

There was a point to all this, namely that broadband providers frankly need to do much more to make the process of switching less of on ordeal for consumers.

Even though most people know they can save money on their broadband by switching or haggling, the fear of being passed around a call centre, pleading your case to a customer ‘retention’ agent – something that almost never happens when you’re boarding the last train to Dumpsville – holds most people back.

Nor, Downtime notes, do you often have to take a day off and wait in for an Openreach engineer to connect your new lover.

Cable consumer telecoms expert Dan Howdle, who is more used to appearing in Computer Weekly to comment on the latest regulatory kerfuffle between BT and Ofcom, said he found it “staggering UK broadband providers appear to have won loyalty beyond that we afford our boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse.”

Us too, Dan, us too.