Women in IT - your new role model is here

The crisis of women in IT is officially over.

It’s a well-known and extremely disturbing fact that less than 18% of UK IT professionals are female – a figure that has been dropping consistently for years. One of the factors often cited for this decline is the lack of role models. Well, if that is the case, worry no more, for the ultimate role model has finally arrived: it’s Computer Engineer Barbie.

After an internet-led campaign, toy maker Mattel has agreed to create this new version of the iconic doll. The actual vote led to the creation of TV Anchor Barbie (yes, really) but the widespread support for Barbie in IT convinced the firm there was an opportunity be taken.

IT manager Ken was unavailable for comment as Downtime went to press.

So, in about 15 years’ time, expect a wave of women applying for IT jobs as today’s Tweenies grow up with dreams of powering up their motherboards and re-wiring their racks, inspired by the ultimate role model for women in IT. Or not, as the case may be.