Woke up this morning, reeling Vine

Something disconcerting happened when Downtime looked at its phone the other day. Vine had finally gone through with it. The six-second video sharing app’s green logo had given way to a gothic, monochrome makeover. It had reincarnated into the new, scaled-down Vine Camera.

Skinflint Twitter announced the killing off of beloved Vine in October last year, but we just thought it was having a wobble. A cry for attention. Like when someone you vaguely know on Facebook deletes their account before announcing their return in a comprehensive status update a few days later.

Granted, nobody has actually used Vine for years. In that respect, all of its formerly avid users have played a part in its grisly demise. Even the insufferable young stars the app yielded had turned their backs on it in search of heady YouTube fame. That doesn’t excuse Twitter’s brutal disposal of what must be acknowledged as a cultural treasure of the digital age.

The appeal of Vine was the raucously creative community it came to host. With that element gone, Vine Camera belongs firmly inside one of the folders on the second page of apps on your phone. But no. It’s staying front and centre for us. It will remain, rotting, next to the Twitter app. Twitter can think about what it’s done.