Wives of Computer Weekly readers rejoice we're no longer in print

Until recently Downtime had rarely spared too much thought for the wives of Computer Weekly’s readers. Just of late though, one of the Downtime team  was asked for a contact number, by the local church, and so handed over their business card explaining that it had their name and personal mobile included.

The lady that they handed it to immediately said: “Oh no, you don’t work for Computer Weekly do you?” Puzzled, Downtime said yes and asked why she sounded so negative. “Oh no it’s not the content,” she said. “My husband gets Computer Weekly and we have a huge stack of them that get in my way and make my house look untidy.”

We assured her of the fact that Computer Weekly is now an online publication only. Many of our readers were disappointed to learn we have ceased to print the publication, but this Computer Weekly reader’s wife was relieved to hear she will never see another copy of the magazine messing up her hallway.

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