Witty Wi-fi gets neighbours talking

A recent BBC feature on passive-aggressive wi-fi network names prompted many of its readers to share stories behind their imaginative and witty network names.

One reader said his wi-fi network name has been set to “One Direction Are Rubbish” to annoy his daughter who loves the boy band while another called hers “PoliceSurveillanceVan” to wind up students living next door.

But witticism isn’t restricted to just wifi-names. Downtime spent a long time on Twitter to come across accounts such as @beiberinmypants or @GayObama boasting tens of thousands of followers or even @BadBorisJohnson. Oh and you don’t want to know the names and description of the fake Ryan Giggs Twitter account.

Thankfully Downtime’s office is surrounded by the city chic, so it doesn’t see the need to ward off wi-fi intruders with passive-aggressive names but IT does annoy Downtime sometimes, well most times. So we are thinking of call our wi-fi network “Screw you IT” or “FU IT”.