Wimbledon braces for the sound of a million angry hornets

The difference in atmosphere between the the World Cup in South Africa and the much more sedate annual tennis tournament in Wimbledon couldn’t be greater, but that could all be about to change.

Compared to the raucous partying in the southern hemisphere, the noisiest it gets in that genteel quarter of south London is the quiet, rhythmic munch of strawberries, the occasional slurp of bolly or, at the very worst, the dulcet sounds of Sir Cliff. But this year that is all about to change, as Apple announces the advent of the Pocket Vuvezela, the free iPhone app that promises to bring the thrill of the Fifa 2010 stadium straight to Centre Court.

“Blow, shake, or press a button to make the distinctive Vuvuzela horn sound,” says the blurb,  “and it’ll feel like you’re right there in the stands.” There has already been some talk of banning the ubiquitous instrument in the stadiums of its native country; Downtime wonders how long it will be before officials at the All England Lawn Tennis Club vote to establish a sub-committee on the matter.