Will check-list: Family heirloom, check. Property, check. Gmail password, check. Wait, hang on.

A survey by Goldsmiths University has found that 1 in 10 Britons are now leaving web passwords in their will.

53% of those surveyed said they had, what they would consider, “treasured possessions” stored or saved online. 
A quarter said they had important photos, with another 1 in 10 saying they had sentimental emails or treasured videos that they would consider passing on as a “digital inheritance”. 
But, the biggest reason for intending to hand down passwords to the next generation was that people believe they have amassed a lot of valuable online content. 25% of the 2,000 who took part said they had collected more than £200 worth of music, video and software. 
I don’t know about you but if my Gran left me her iTunes password (not that she has iTunes) I don’t really think her albums upon albums of hymns would either be of much use or comfort to me. 
A Gmail or Flickr account may be of more interest, passing on photos, memories and conversations in a modern way, but I still want the grand old mahogany table.