Will astrology solve the NHS crisis?

Well, will it?

In an interview with the Astrological Journal, Conservative MP David Tredinnick has made the bizarre claim that astrology could solve the NHS crisis.

“I do believe that astrology and complementary medicine would help take the huge pressure off doctors,” said Tredinnick.

“I do foresee that one day astrology will have a role to play in healthcare.”

Tredinnick, who a few years ago paid back over £700 of taxpayers’ money that he had used to buy astrology software on parliamentary expenses, and also attempted to claim over £100 for a course on ‘intimate relationships’ also had harsh words for his critics.

“They are also ignorant, because they never study the subject and just say that it is all to do with what appears in the newspapers, which it is not, and they are deeply prejudiced, and racially prejudiced, which is troubling.”

What does this mean? Well, apart from the worrying fact that David Tredinnick has been sitting on the Science and Technology Select Committee since 2013 for reasons passing all understanding, it also means that the NHS is a Cancer.

Here is today’s horoscope for Cancer:

“You’re coming out of your shell today — if you know what’s good for you, that is! Someone close needs you to step up and take over from them, and while it may seem minor, it’s actually a big deal.”

Oh, and Downtime is a huge racist.