Wikileaks and the Wizard of Oz

The entire Wikileaks horlicks resembles nothing so much as the Wizard of Oz, with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange pulling back the curtain to reveal that the wonderful wizard is none other than a sad little old man pining for an Omaha he left long ago.
One of Downtime’s favourite writers, Umberto Eco, makes essentially the same point in his comment on “Cablegate” in Liberation: “To actually reveal, as WikiLeaks has done, that Hillary Clinton’s secrets were empty secrets amounts to taking away all her power. WikiLeaks didn’t do any harm to Sarkozy or Merkel, but did irreparable damage to Clinton and Obama” he says.
So, let’s stop the hissy fit against Assange, let’s enjoy the joke, let’s acknowledge that the emperor has no clothes, and let’s all try to find a way forward that is a little more candid and common-sense regards what is done in our name.