WikiLeaks moves into T-shirts

Downtime’s favourite source of gossip, WikiLeaks, has gone commercial. Unlike the governments of the UK and Sweden, which have deep pockets (ours), Julian Assange faces huge legal bills for fighting extradition to Stockholm (and potentially Guantanamo Bay) for questioning in connection with possbile rape and other sex crime charges. So he is going commercial.
First he sold the rights to his book for £1m, now comes the WikiLeaks store. A quick scan revealed a range of T-shirts and mugs with assorted supportive slogans, which is all very well for the student-age brigade and demonstrators in Tunisia and Cairo, and more power to them.
But Downtime suspects trade in leaked documents might be more lucrative. How much would a Mr Berlusconi or a Mr Cameron pay for an ambassador’s candid opinion of them? It may be a bit more than the £13.00 a T-shirt would set them back.