Why hoax Irish MPs bad-mouthing bad-weather cloud computing?

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According to internet reports, an Irish MP has been the butt of jokes and verbal abuse for suggesting cloud computing is only viable in areas with lots of rain and heavy clouds – like the Irish district of Connemara.

An article in the Telegraph says a barney kicked off, with councillors calling one another ‘feckin eejits’ and saying, ‘go **** yourself’ for dumbing cloud computing down to climate considerations.

But, bizarrely, it’s a hoax and Irish MPs don’t exist. The Telegraph has even pulled its story.

Downtime wonders why you would hoax an argument about cloud computing?

After all, the Irish climate is no joke for tech companies.

The (non-hoaxed) Richard Bruton, minister for jobs, enterprise and innovation at Ireland’s Industrial Development Authority (IDA), said in September that Google’s new Dublin-based datacentre makes the most of Irish weather.

“This technology takes advantage of Ireland’s naturally cool climate,” he said.


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