When I think about you I touch my... iPhone app

The plight of the long distance lover has continued to improve over the years thanks to technology. From cheaper phone calls, free texts with WhatsApp, long, languishing emails and video conferencing to see your beloved’s face, partners separated by deserts, oceans or just the M25 have been able to stay closer more than ever.

But, there is nothing quite like another’s touch and so far this is something tech has failed to provide. Until now that is…

Durex Australia has developed a new type of underwear – we didn’t say this was romantic, did we? – which links up with a smartphone app. Users are then able to control certain “touch-actuators” sewn into the fabric of the undergarments to, well, ummm, pleasure their partners from miles away.

Sound confusing? Fear not! Durex has even released YouTube videos to give couples a tutorial on how the ‘Fundawear’ works.

There is one snag though, it seems only Apple users will get to play with one another as the app only runs on iOS at the moment. As if those Apple fanbois don’t have enough cool toys to play with… 

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