What's that I smell?


Smell (Photo credit: Dennis Wong)

In a world where our fingers seem surgically attached to the touchscreens of our smartphones and our eyes transfixed on messages going back and forth across SMS, WhatsApp or Facebook, wouldn’t it be nice if one of our other senses was awakened rather than the monotonous sight, sound and touch of our mobile friends?

Well, for those with a passion for the nasal, your prayers have been answered! A Parisian scientist by the name of David Edwards has been working with a bunch of enthusiastic students from Harvard to create the Ophone – a device that allows smells to be transmitted using mobile phones.

The Ophone comes equipped with numerous cartridges that are capable of creating a long list of weird and wonderful smells, so eventually users will be able to text an odour to their buddies over the airwaves.

Just think, you could send the smell of roses to your loved ones, the smell of bacon and eggs to your teenagers to get them out of bed, or, well, we will leave your imagination to think of which smell you would send the annoying chap you sit next to at work on his commute home…  

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