What are you doing now? "Braking very hard!!!"

In a groundbreaking development in car safety, General Motors has announced that drivers will soon be able to use Facebook while speeding down the motorway.

Think of the possibilities for your status updates! “Turning left”; “Turning right”; “That idiot in front is driving too fast”; “Just dropped a jelly baby on the floor”; “HIT THE BRAKES!!!!”

That’s not to mention the photo sharing opportunities – with a decent camera you could download a series of frames of the moments right up to when you smashed into that lorry ahead of you.

The Facebook app will be part of GM’s OnStar in-car communications and entertainment system, and will at least be audio-enabled, relieving drivers of having to hold the steering wheel, send text messages, fiddle with the radio AND try to type at the same time.

Alternatively, responsible drivers could leave the Facebooking to their kids strapped into the back-seat: “Mum and dad are arguing again”; “Dad says mum can’t read a map”; “Are we there yet?”