We tend to forget, but Facebook puts anyone on the world stage

Not so long ago, few people had access to mass media for their own personal use, but with the advent of the internet and social media, literally anyone can reach the world.

This is a fact, with which it may be argued, society has still not sufficiently come to grips, if at all.

Illustrating this point is news from Australia, where a Sydney schoolboy was able to send an invitation to a girl’s birthday to hundreds of thousands of people. 

According to reports, the 17-year-old boy assumed the girl’s identity under a Facebook profile to spread a party invite meant only for a few of the girl’s friends.

Some 200,000 people had registered to attend the party before authorities stepped in.

Australian police have been put on standby, and will be required to patrol the girl’s neighbourhood on the date of the now cancelled party.

Downtime suggests that social media firms act quickly to put controls in place to stop further abuse, whether it is intentional or not, if not to protect people from themselves and others, then to protect the reputation of the company’s brand at the very least.