We are girl gamers, scout's honour!

English: A Super Nintendo (SNES or Super NES) ...

English: A Super Nintendo (SNES or Super NES) video game console, shown with standard controller. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here at Downtime we know tech is not just for boys; there are many girls who love their games, gadgets and GNU too. So it is great to see a US organisation stepping it up a gear to encouraging the next generation of developers from womankind.

The Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles have introduced a new badge to go alongside the first aid or public speaking awards more commonly associated with them – video game development.

They are working with Women in Games International  group to help the scouts create their own games and encourage them to get excited about technology, realising there are jobs out there for women as well as men in the science and tech industries.

We hope the UK Brownies and Guides follow suit. Lord knows one of us used to ditch going along in her youth where she would have to sew patches or learn to work in hospitality to sit at home on her Super Nintendo and play Zelda. She did manage to get a job at Computer Weekly though… 

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