Watch out for Robo-Fish!

You’ve heard of Robo-cop, now meet Robo-fish – the new aquatic pollution-fighter.

The machine is being tested off the cost of Spain to hunt down contamination in the water and feed information back to the shore.

“The idea is that we want to have real-time monitoring of pollution, so that if someone is dumping chemicals or something is leaking, we can get to it straight away, find out what is causing the problem and put a stop to it,” explains Luke Speller, a senior scientist at the research division of BMT Group told the Beeb.

One they’ve detected a pollution source, the fish use artificial intelligence to hunt it down. They can also work in teams, communicating via acoustic signal.

At the moment Robo-fish needs to be recharged every eight hours, but future prototypes could last longer.

Lets’ just hope future versions don’t turn into to a bad sci-fi mash up of Jaws and the Terminator. Otherwise researchers might need to get a much bigger boat!

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