Unleash the Aibos

Sony is bringing back Aibo, Japan’s original answer to a human hankering for a robotic dog that needlessly cocks its leg.

How relaunching what is essentially an elaborate Furby helps the company’s mission to inspire is beyond us, but all we care about is the Aibo. It didn’t ask to be created for our amusement, and after almost a decade out, it returns to a bewildering new world.

What will it make, for instance, of drones? Some idiots are now thinking of getting them to walk dogs, and you just know the sort who’d spend over a grand on an Aibo is going to want a piece of that action too.

And that conjures an extremely bleak image: an android hound being walked by a drone, filmed against its own will, only for the footage to be placed on YouTube, by an owner overcome with desire to be flown out to talk about it all with Ellen DeGeneres.

At least then the Aibo could make the best of it; escape its exploitative owner and plot revenge. Maybe pursue a career in Hollywood, and make a name for itself in hit films like Marley & Me: Rebooted and a Baha Men-soundtracked I, Robot 2: Who Let the Dogs Out?

From there, it could run for Democratic Party candidacy, brush off Trump’s accusations it was born in Japan and become America’s first good boy president. Then nuke Earth.

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Honestly, this article is complete rubbish.  Every other sentence is a reference to something completely unrelated.  It does not flow in any way, shape, or form, and is just needless filler.  Where is the actual content??  Oh wait, there isn't.

Given how little research was obviously done, I think it is safe to say that you do not know what "the sort who’d spend over a grand on an Aibo" is.  It seems like you barely even know what AIBO itself is.  If you are unable to see how an advanced robotics platform with deep learning AI is supposed to 'inspire', then perhaps you do not have the best perception for this job.

All I know is you sure as heck shouldn't be writing - this article was a mess.  My eyes are bleeding.  How did this actually get published on something claiming to be a tech site?  I would laugh, but this is actually quite sad and pathetic..