US dad shoots down daughter for Facebook rant

From the Sicilian druglord who led police to his London hideout through posting pics of himself in the city to the US teenager who dissed her parents, the stupidity of some Facebook is stranger than fiction.

The druglord quickly found himself in prison, and the US teenager soon found herself without a laptop after her father took his revenge.

The best part of Tommy Jordan’s revenge was that he recorded it all in a video that has notched up around 20 million views, according to reports.

Having loaded new software on his daughter’s laptop, Jordan came across a rant complaining about her chores that the 15-year-old tried to hide from her parents using Facebook privacy controls.

Jordan delivers a rant of his own to camera before blasting his daughter’s laptop with a full clip of .45 ammunition. Downtime thinks Jordan’s point is clear. Actions, they say, speaker louder than words.

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