Two out of five admit abusing their computers

Nearly 40% of computer users respond to malfunctioning software and hardware by hitting their equipment or at least swearing at it, a survey has revealed.

Some even wish to go beyond so-called percussive maintenance, with 11% of respondents wishing for a catastrophic act to happen to their PC.

Some 9% admitted actually hitting their computers with other objects such as baseball bats, according to the survey by security software supplier Avira.

But only 3% admit picking up a computer and smashing it into the ground or against another object in disgust.

At the other extreme, 38% claim they would never yell at there computer because it is too sensitive.

As far as Downtime is concerned, has shown the percussive maintenance crowd is likely to be bigger in reality.

Both approaches probably have the same chance of success, but at least the percussive approach is a great help in working off the frustration.


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