True democracy does not require voting

A group of programmers have been inspired by the referendum on reform of the electoral system.

First Past the Post is unfair but very workable. The Alternative Vote system is fairer but a bit more complicated and a less fair than proportional representation.

So the computer experts have created software that will put the Great Reform Act campaigners of the early 1800s to shame.

The software not only overcomes the problem of politicians talking people into voting for them under false pretences, but increases the turnout of voters whatever the weather.

It is simple. Wireless readers will be placed on streets throughout the UK. When people walk near them the software analyses them and decides which party they would be better off with and records their vote. Using a DNA reader the system ensures voters only vote once.

The clever part is that the people don’t actually get a vote, but the computer makes the decision for them using complicated algorithms. The success of such software in the share trading sector, where computers buy shares automatically, has convinced politicians that it could be a way forward.

The software expert in charge of the project says the scanner will quickly be able to tell which party the voter will be most suited to by analysing characteristics such as clothing, gait and even the type of dogs being walked.