Travel in eco style

Electric cars get a mixed reaction. Those wanting to hark back to hippier days, despite their current middle class existence, rave about the benefits they give whilst still providing a cool driving experience. Others take the Jeremy Clarkson approach of, well, no. We hate them.  

If either group will be impressed with the latest advancement is anybody’s guess…

Engineers from Imperial Coach Builders of Springfield, based out of the US, have designed the world’s first electric limo. The staff took 10 months to build the car, which is essentially a customised version of a Nissan Leaf with an added section in the middle for extra passengers.

(Check out The Sun for the exclusive photo)

Yes, it is much greener than today’s stretched automobiles, but the idea of a celeb, or even a hen party, being seen dead in one of these reminds me of Top Gear episode when James May chops an Alpha Romeo and a Saab together and takes Lemar to the Brit Awards – it’s just painful.   

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