Tories blunder sets scene for next four years

Downtime couldn’t help laughing about the latest blunder by the Conservative party.

Apparently, according to the Tories, in the most deprived areas in the UK 54% of girls get pregnant before their 18th birthday.

They obviously said this was Labour’s fault and they would be the party to change this.

Problem is the government in waiting got its decimal place all wrong. The figure is actually 5.4%. So it was an easy target to cut. Just move the decimal point back.

Downtime is however a bit concerned about the Conservatives being in charge of the economy. VAT of 1.75% and god help us when it comes to interest rates. 0.2% one day and 20% the next.

Maybe the Tories’ confidence is actually down to them misreading opinion polls.

Maybe the Tories are going back to One Nation Conservatism. It’s easier to get the maths right that way.