Time for Word and Excel to bow out?

Evolution of workplace technology infographic.jpgIt does not surprise Downtime one bit that a recent neurological experiment has revealed that office workers are wasting 20% of their mental resources. 

Wasting!? Downtime would kill for someone to USE 20% of their mental resources when writing one of these posts. 
Anyway, Mindlab International, who carried out the study on behalf of Mindjet, came to the conclusion that the use of traditional office software is to blame. 
The findings highlighted numerous patterns, including: 
 • During everyday office tasks, participants needed 20 per cent less mental resources when using visually displayed information compared to traditional office software 
 • Individuals becoming 17% more productive when using information displayed visually compared to using traditional office software 
The proverbial finger is being firmly pointed at desktop software which was initially developed in the 1990’s and hasn’t really undergone an extensive shift in the way it works. 
So, in summary, the human brain loves visual images and is able to process information presented in this way much more easily than in standard “linear” formats, such as word or excel files. 
Downtime whole-heartedly agrees. Now, we’re off to conduct our own series of experiments using pictures of pretty ladies versus the same picture described in binary code. Wonder which one Downtime will like best?

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