There's an app for crap

A new app is being tested out in the New Orleans which attempts to cut out the nasty habit of people urinating and excreting in the street.

The AirPnP is based on AirBnB, which helps people rent property to tourists. It is an app where people can advertise their private toilets for use by the public. No longer will you have to buy a beer in a pub just to have a slash. A method which just delays the inevitable. You can go into a complete strangers house to do the deed, whatever it may be.

The landlords must add details such as cleanliness and toilet paper thickness, whereas strangely the users give no details of what they plan.

Obviously because there is a charge, unless the owner is a scatologist, I can’t see people, well men at least, parting with their hard earned cash when there is a perfectly efficient low tech solution.

However there are lots of other uses for a toilet. Have the app makers really thought this through?

The app was designed to address a toilet shortage at the Mardi Gras festival in New Orleans. Apparently if you get caught urinating in the street it’s a night in the Orleans Parish Prison. Whereas if you get caught shooting up in a strangers bathroom it just costs you $3.