The value of pure cheek? Priceless. (Well, $192,500, to be precise)

There are not many proper URLs left to buy these days – hence the number of start-up firms with obscure-sounding names including lots of “Z” and “X”. But one enterprising domain name owner has taken cheek – and his sales technique – to a new level.

Having registered, someone in Trinidad and Tobago who goes by the name of “greatpackage23” is offering the eBay URL for sale… on eBay.

According to the eBay sales page, you can buy the URL outright for a bargain $192,500 if you don’t want to risk losing out in the auction. The seller claims that price is a steal because, “You can use this domain to create a Million Dollar Business for yourself”, pointing out that as an added bonus for prospective owners, “Ebay is also extermely easy to remember. Who could possibly misspell or forget this word as opposed to say…yxkt  or qlwz.”

Downtime expects a rush to buy and any day now.