The power of the pee

White Toilet Bowl in Malaysia

White Toilet Bowl in Malaysia (Photo credit:

We may have all described our smartphones’ battery lives as piss poor, but ever thought that could be the answer to our woes?

Researchers at the University of the West of England have been working on a new project sourcing electrical power from urine, enough that they can power a mobile phone.

The micro fuel cells use organic matter to generate electricity and whilst other waste products have been tested, it seems pee performs the best.

“It’s the whole package,” said the lead scientist behind the research. “It’s the connectivity of urine, the pH that comes naturally, as well as the organic content… altogether it is a much better fuel.”

Maybe the potency comes from the donations, as it is fellow research scientists fuelling the project, but it seems the smart toilet is next on the agenda for the must have gadget.

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