The new boring

It has taken some time for IT professionals to shake off the “boring geek” image of its bearded and sandal-wearing past, but Downtime still feels that a forthcoming event in London will appeal to parts of our constituency.

Boring 2012 describes itself as “the conference dedicated to the mundane”, and this year features talks on subjects as diverse and un-interesting as “self-service checkouts, toast, heights of celebrities, IBM tills, yellow lines, walking home, shop fronts, civil aircraft and fridges.”

Readers should note the inclusion of IBM tills as a last vestige of technology boredom.

Further lack of excitement will be generated by an attempt to complete the highest number of rotations in a single self-propelled spin on a standard office chair. The current world record  is 15.75 rotations, set by Kate Bird on 14 July, 2012 in Suffolk.

Clearly there will be no tech enthusiasts in attendance, as they will be too busy discussing the angle of the bezel on their new iPhone, or the relative screen resolutions of the iPad and the Microsoft Surface tablet.Enhanced by Zemanta