The get-fit solution for tech obsessives

Researchers in Germany claim to have found a way to generate electrical power from walking. Coming in the same week as news that a lack of exercise is a bigger threat to public health than obesity, the crack German boffins might just have extended the lives of millions of obsessive smartphone and gaming users.

The researchers have developed two devices that fit into a shoe, according to the BBC. One, called a “shock harvester” generates power from the shoe striking the ground; whereas the “swing harvester” does so from the swinging of your feet.

For smartphone users forever moaning about the lack of battery life, this could be a solution to extend both their battery and their own life. For fitness fanatics the breakthrough promises a life of never having to charge your phone again, instead using your daily run to boost battery for the day – although you may need a new way to strap your phone, tablet, laptop and every other device to your body while you run.

Of course, committed tech obsessives rooted to the couch may also come to the conclusion that all they need is to sit on a big cushion so their feet don’t touch the floor, and swing their feet up and down while surfing to get the same effect. But every health revolution has to start somewhere.