The end of rectangular boobs

Downtime is proud that the headline for this post not only spells out what the content is about but that it is also one of the weirdest you will read this week. Probably. We don’t know what else you read in your spare time. 

Before we tell you what JoeyBra have recently unveiled, would you like to guess? 
JoeyBra, de bh voor uw iPhone

JoeyBra, de bh voor uw iPhone (Photo credit: Stijn Vogels)

It is a bra. But not just any bra, this bra has a pocket. The pocket is located along from one of the cups, parallel to the armpit.

For ladies, (and gentleman, if you’re into that kind of thing) this spells the end for rectangular boobs. No more having to shove money, debit cards or mobile phones uncomfortably into your bra. No more having to carry a purse with you everywhere and, you’d hope, no more pick pocketing. 

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