The Man Iron. Yes That's Right, An Iron (Especially Designed) For Men.

Philips are aiming to ease the domestic burden that, currently, weighs heavily on modern man’s shoulders by offering up macho products for those tedious household chores.

They believe the Man Iron, a black and angry looking thing, is what will convince men from all walks of life to put down their pint and pick up an ironing board.

It is so strongly and simply styled that you could probably even wear suspenders and still feel manly. There are no fancy LCD screens or complicated settings, just a dial labelled with the names of materials that you would normally find creased up in your washing basket.

The Man Iron with its 2,400 watts of power, advanced steam technology (delivered by pushing one unassuming button) and a scratch-proof soleplate, is more than equipped to deal with even the most stubborn of creases.

That said, I’m still at a loss when it comes to trying to justify the scratch-proof soleplate. Possibly it’s scratch-proof on the off-chance you fancied ironing some glass. Better safe than sorry.

Anyway, just in case you are an ironing novice, Philips have enlisted the help of Alan Martin, author of “How to get things really flat: A man’s guide to ironing, dusting and other household arts”, to film a shirt ironing tutorial.

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