The 31 Worst Face-Palm Moments in IT

GFI Software has published the worst “face-palm” moments in IT.

Here are Downtime’s top three from the list:

“The project lead on another client engagement read an article about Java saying it was the next big thing. He declared that the project should switch to Java. What he didn’t understand was that Java was being shown as the next big thing…for security exploits!”


“Here’s one for the Netware folks. I once was called in to a client to figure out why their server crashed and no one could access any data. It turns out that a junior admin saw that Z:, Y:, and X: all had exactly the same content. EXACTLY. THE. SAME. To save space on the file server, he went into X: and deleted everything there. He then switched to Y: only to see that it was now empty too. He probably would have then looked in Z: except that suddenly everyone starting complaining that their systems crashed.”


“I understand why end users want to turn off antivirus software when their machines seem slow, but why oh why would an admin do that? The worst virus outbreak I ever saw came about at a customer I regularly worked with, because the SQL team had disabled a/v on all their servers because it “slowed them down.” Then SQL Slammer hit. Slow got redefined that day.”

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