Teen wishes Bin Laden would kill her math teacher on Facebook and gets suspended!

Thirteen year-old New Hampshire student, Shane, was suspended for five days after she posted a status update on Facebook saying that she wished Osama Bin Laden would kill her math teacher.

Now let’s gloss over the fact that this kid isn’t very clever. I mean Bin Laden wouldn’t obey a teenage American girl and, well… he’s dead anyway.

I have some bones to pick with the mum and the math teacher in question.

Her mum said that she “frequently checks her daughters Facebook page but didn’t log on on the day of the incident”. How convenient.

She also said that she felt the punishment was harsh as it “denies her daughter an education”. I mean seriously how does keeping the kid at home for a few days deny her an education?

It’s just five days, it’s no big deal especially as the kid threatened her teacher with the most wanted man in the world… who’s dead by the way. I think it’s OK.

In any case, the kid sounds like she’s far behind on her education anyway, five days won’t kill her.

The mum also said that “they called her daughter to the principal’s office and asked her to show them her Facebook profile and she complied because she generally does what she’s told.”

Yeah, if that’s the mum trying to put across that her kid is a good’un then forget it. Some kids use knives and guns to threaten people but not this kid, oh no, she used the most deadly weapon in the world… Man.

Apparently, little Shane’s suspension is over but she has not returned to class for fear of facing the teacher she made the comment about.

Her mum said that “she’s anxious to go back and terrified to go back all at the same time.”

Fear? Terrified? What kind of a psychopathic math teacher is this?!?!? What’s going on in these lessons?? Someone needs to find out what this teacher is doing to these kids for them to go to such lengths.

I mean, the kid is so terrified that her mum is now asking the school to remove her from the class and give her a private maths teacher.

Let’s just hope the next one isn’t nuts too and that the kid doesn’t have to call upon other dead terrorists / tyrants / evil beings to do her bidding.