'Tech-savvy' Ozzie official zapped by huge internet bill

Adelaide Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood claims he is tech-savvy, but forgot to turn off international data roaming on his mobile on a business trip to Taiwan, incurring an internet bill of £11,600.
Such stories are common, but those running up the bills are usually children who have gained access to their parents’ mobile devices, not “tech-savvie” city officials.
Despite earning £74,500 a year, Yarwood is also claiming he cannot afford to pay the bill himself due to his family financial commitments.
The bill is likely will have to be paid by ratepayers unless Yarwood can convince his mobile service provider to waive it, according to ABC news reports. 
Yarwood said he is “embarrassed” and “very sorry” about what happened, but feels that any suggestions that he needs to pay the bill himself or is anything but frugal, are “unfair”. 
Downtime feels Yarwood should grow up, shut up and pay up – like anyone else who made a similar faux pas would have to do.