Stephen Fry gives Twitter the stamp of approval

Twitter is the new Facebook. For readers who don’t know, Twitter users have 140 characters, and no more, to write a message about anything they wish.

For those thinking that it sounds like a monumental waste of time used chiefly by idle teenagers, think again. For if you are looking for validation of the worth of anything technological then surely you would not look much further than national treasure Stephen Fry. And Fry is a great twitterer, making national news last week when he twittered through 30 minutes of being stuck in a lift.

Trailing Fry in the Twitter popularity stakes is Britney Spears. Interestingly, Britney Spears was the top web search term for 2008, whereas Stephen Fry was nowhere to be seen.   Obviously in Britney’s case, a picture is well worth 140 characters.