Status update: Six feet under

if-i-die-facebook-app.jpgA free new app, called If I Die, offers users the ability to post pre-recorded videos and pre-transcribed status updates.

Makers of the app, Willook, an Israeli startup, suggest that If I Die can not only be used to leave behind a final farewell but also reveal long-held secrets, or even, a little more sinisterly, dish out one last insult. 
Thankfully, to prevent giving your loved ones a heart attack, you must first choose three trustees who have to verify the death before the posting can commence. 
Willook also stress that neither they nor the trustees can see the messages until they are posted, so no need to be shy. 
Downtime’s suggestions:
“HELP! They made a mistake, I’m still alive down here.”
“Who turned out the lights?”
“Jesus is cool when you get to know him”
“This fire and brimstone doesn’t half make you sweat.”
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